AquaTrax Learning is a free, bilingual curriculum-based resource for teachers that brings the movement of wild animals into classrooms across Canada. Using data collected by scientists from biotelemetry technology attached to wildlife, AquaTrax Learning provides teachers with teaching modules and multimedia to connect students to conservation issues.

Downloadable teaching modules with inter-provincial/territorial application are designed for Junior (Grades 4-6), Intermediate (Grades 7-10), and Senior (Grades 11-12) teaching divisions and include information on animal biology, ecology, and conservation. Animals featured in the AquaTrax Learning teaching modules include those of Indigenous cultural importance to strengthen heritage education.

Our Vision

Students across Canada inspired by scientific data and experiential learning that connect them to the underwater world and its research community.

Our Mission

Promote access to active researchers and real-world scientific data in classrooms throughout Canada to increase STEM career awareness.

The AquaTrax Learning Team