Teach with real-world data. Inspire tomorrow’s scientists.

Using biotelemetry data collected by active researchers, the AquaTrax Learning teaching modules are designed to provide hands-on learning activities that facilitate engagement of students with real-world data and conservation issues relevant to the lives of all Canadians.

AquaTrax Learning teaching modules have inter-provincial/territorial application and curriculum standards covered include: environmental stewardship, human interactions and natural habitats, data management and relationships

All teaching modules are downloadable free of charge and include:

  • a video that introduces students to biotelemetry methods
  • a video that introduces students to the animal  
  • a dataset that can be explored and manipulated by teachers and students
  • an animation of biotelemetry data that visualizes the animal’s movement
  • a lesson plan that includes information on the biology, conservation, and cultural importance of the animal, and an optional virtual or in-person Q&A with a Canadian scientist
  • answer key, curriculum standards, and teacher feedback survey

Lesson plans include mapping exercises and grade-appropriate data visualization, analysis, and interpretation: calculating and comparing individual animal movement speeds, comparing animal habitat preferences, and comparing present-day animal movement to historical movement.

Students can further develop critical thinking and STEM skills by asking and answering hypothesis-driven questions with the dataset.

Ready to bring the movement of wild animals into your classroom?

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